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Top Tier Boat and Yacht Antifouling Services Available in Melbourne

If you’re like most boat owners in Melbourne, you want to make good use of your vessel whenever you possibly can. As a result, your boat probably spends a significant amount of time in the water, which means it often encounters the substances that water contains. Over time, those substances can collect on the underside of your watercraft, in a process known as fouling. Fouling can eventually make your hull filthy and impact your ability to operate the vessel, which is why many boat and yacht owners in seek out antifouling solutions in Melbourne.

Why Do You Need Boat or Yacht Antifouling Services in Melbourne?

Boat and yacht antifouling helps Melbourne watercraft owners keep their boats performing well and allows them to maintain desirable levels of fuel efficiency. There are several processes to accomplish boat antifouling. Hundreds of years ago, the process was performed mainly through “careening”, during which the boat would be removed from the water and tipped over to one side. Small fires would then be lit beneath the hull to weaken the accumulated material, after which it could be scraped off by hand.

Of course, modern boat antifouling services in Melbourne are considerably less labour-intensive, and they’re much more efficient. Many of the best boat and yacht antifouling services in Melbourne today use high-tech methods to remove fouling, and the application of specific antifouling paint to prevent fouling from occurring in the first place. When you are looking for antifouling solutions in the Melbourne area, it is best to seek out a company that has plenty of experience. Even though the technology involved has changed over the years, the procedure is still most effective when carried out by professionals who have been working on boats for many years.

Trust the Professionals at Savages Wharf

One of the best places to find skilled antifouling professionals is at Savages Wharf. Our company boasts over a century of experience in the marine industry, and we offer an incredible range of services for the boat owners who make up our clientele. Our fully modern yard and first-class facilities attract some of the finest watercraft and service technicians in the entire city, so our antifouling methods are among the most contemporary in the region. We also offer polishing, painting, mechanical repairs, general maintenance, and water-blasting or dry sanding. In fact, we have all the services you would expect from a top-class berthing facility, and more.

You love your boat or yacht, so you have a responsibility to make sure it is always receiving the care it needs. Make sure that you can provide the right kind of support for your watercraft when you bring it to Savages Wharf and let our highly skilled team of professionals offer state of the art antifouling services. For more information on any of the work we can do here at the wharf, contact us directly and speak to someone on our team who will be happy to provide you with additional details.

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