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    Savages Wharf is a century old family owned and operated wharf in Williamstown, providing the owners of powerboats and yachts with a one-stop, professional and personal service that enhances the joy that comes with owning a boat.

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    Yard services provided by Savages Wharf include: Waterblasting, Dry sand & Antifoul, Polishing & Painting, Shipwrighting, Mechanical, General Maintenance Programs.

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More Than Just a Secure, Long Term Yacht Berth: Melbourne’s Savages Wharf Club Provides Easy Access to Boat Services and Maintenance

If you own a yacht, it’s probably one of your most prized possessions. A beautiful boat is a status symbol, an adventure vessel, and a second home—all in one. It’s also susceptible to the wear and tear that comes from being on the water for long periods of time. When you choose your yacht berth in Melbourne, it’s smart to think about long-term maintenance plans. You at least want to have repair and upkeep services accessible to you, should you need them.

At Savages Wharf Club, you get precisely that. On the one hand, we provide secure yacht berths in Melbourne. We use a 24-hour security key pass system to keep intruders out of our secure parking lot and away from the vessels moored at our marina. We also have 24-hour security guards keeping an eye on everything.

On the other hand, boaters who invest in our Melbourne yacht berths also enjoy easy access to the many services available at our club’s service yard. When your boat needs repairs or maintenance—be it cosmetic, structural, mechanical or some mix of all three—you can trust that there is someone at Savages Wharf Club who can lend a hand.

Our Service Yard

What kind of services are accessible when you rent a long term yacht berth at Melbourne’s Savages Wharf Club? The list is long, but here are a few things we can do for you:

Storage: Do you have something that you don’t want to keep on your vessel for some reason? We can store masts, engines, equipment and more, all at affordable daily rates.

Paint: Perhaps you recently had a collision of some sort that marred the paint on part of your vessel, or maybe the paint job is just starting to fade after many seasons of heavy use. In any case, we have a range of painting, polishing, finishing and touch up services to help you keep your yacht looking splendid.

Washing: When you rent a secure yacht berth in Melbourne, that doesn’t mean your vessel suddenly becomes immune to dirt, grime or other stains. Whether you are preparing the craft for sale or getting it ready for a big event, washing and cleaning it bow to stern can make it look brand new.

We also have professionals on hand who can help boaters with upholstery and boat covers, timber maintenance and care, modifications, installations of new equipment and more general boat maintenance.

Reserve Your Yacht Berth in Melbourne Today

Boaters with yacht berths at Melbourne’s Savages Wharf Club are always just a few deck lengths away from critical boat maintenance and repairs. This factor—combined with the secure nature of our berths—has made us a favourite marina for luxury yacht owners. With us, you keep your valuable vessel safe from all threats—including would-be vandals or thieves and simple wear and tear. Call us on (03) 9397 6513 to reserve your Melbourne yacht berth today.

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