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    Savages Wharf is a century old family owned and operated wharf in Williamstown, providing the owners of powerboats and yachts with a one-stop, professional and personal service that enhances the joy that comes with owning a boat.

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    Yard services provided by Savages Wharf include: Waterblasting, Dry sand & Antifoul, Polishing & Painting, Shipwrighting, Mechanical, General Maintenance Programs.

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Keep Your Boat Safe with Secure Long Term Marina Berths in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a safe place to keep your boat in Melbourne, look no further than Savages Wharf Club. We offer secure marina berths in Melbourne, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your vessel is always safe. Whether you are a long time boating enthusiast or a first-time owner, we will make sure you are well taken care of at Savages Wharf Club.

Our History in the Maritime Industry

How can you trust that your boat will be in good hands at Savages Wharf Club? Chalk it up to our extensive experience. The Savage family has been involved in the maritime industry, in some way or another, for 119 years. Our history in this sector began all the way back in 1898, with the founding of JJ Savage & Sons. For years, the Victoria-based company was one of the biggest names in the maritime leisure niche—not just here in Australia, but throughout the Asia Pacific region.

One hundred and one years after JJ Savage & Sons was established, John Savage sold the business. Rather than leave the maritime world behind, though, John decided to redirect his energies into a new venture. Savages Wharf Club was born, providing marquee services and attractive perks to boaters in and around the Melbourne area.

In other words, if you are looking for long term marina berths in Melbourne and want to make sure that your vessel is secure, you can trust the team at Savages Wharf Club. With more than a century of experience in the maritime industry and in-depth knowledge of leisure boating and vessel care, we can guarantee you a safe environment for your marine asset.

More Than Just Marina Berths in Melbourne: What You Get at the Savages Wharf Club

While providing secure marina berths in Melbourne is undoubtedly one of our chief priorities at Savages Wharf Club, it certainly isn’t all we offer. On the contrary, we seek to make owning a boat more fun, more convenient and less stressful.

How do we accomplish that goal? It starts with our maintenance services. Whether you need to wash your boat, sand it, polish it or explore some mechanical issues, we have people on site who can help. Savages Wharf Club can connect you with upholstery professionals, timber tradespeople, installation and repair technicians, boat maintenance services and more. When you choose us as your Melbourne marina berth, you make the process of keeping your boat in tip-top shape that much easier.

Membership with Savages Wharf Club also includes perks, such as 24-hour access to our facilities. We have a lounge with a flat-screen TV, a full kitchen, restrooms, laundry, BBQ and more. Whether you are having a party on your vessel or just passing through for a night during a maritime voyage, these facilities and services can come in handy.
Are you interested in learning more about Savages Wharf Club and our long term marina berths in Melbourne? If so, give us a call today on (03) 9397 6513.

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