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    Savages Wharf is a century old family owned and operated wharf in Williamstown, providing the owners of powerboats and yachts with a one-stop, professional and personal service that enhances the joy that comes with owning a boat.

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    Yard services provided by Savages Wharf include: Waterblasting, Dry sand & Antifoul, Polishing & Painting, Shipwrighting, Mechanical, General Maintenance Programs.

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A Guide to Finding Boat Repairs in Melbourne, Including Repair Services for Fibreglass Boats

We often associate our boats with luxury and relaxation, but the truth is that they can also require a substantial amount of work. After all, most modern boats are complicated machines with numerous mechanical systems, and even relatively simple craft require careful maintenance to keep them operational. For that reason, nearly every boat owner in the city will need boat repairs in Melbourne at some point. Of course, it’s best to leave that kind of work to professionals unless you have the time and skill to perform it yourself. For most boat owners, the best way to keep enjoying their vessels is to find boat repair services in Melbourne who can perform the necessary work efficiently and save them the stress of attempting it themselves. Read More

A Guide to Finding Professional Boat and Yacht Detailing Services in the Melbourne Area

Owning a boat in Melbourne provides many advantages, but a boat is an investment, and like every investment, you carefully manage it. If you own a boat in Melbourne, you’ll need a way to keep it looking incredible as well as paying attention to issues such as storage and maintenance. When you need a way to make sure that your vessel is always gleaming and eye-catching, why not consider boat detailing? Melbourne boat owners of all kinds can benefit from premium detailing services to make sure their ships stay distinctive and attractive even through years of dedicated use. Read More

Are You Looking for Boat or Yacht Servicing and Mooring Service in the Melbourne Area?

The boating community in Melbourne is more than just a small group of hobbyists. For many Aussies living on the coast, boats and yacht clubs are a lifestyle. Generations of Melbourne residents have enjoyed the thrills of cruising on the open waters, whether they are avid fishers, pleasure cruisers, or nautical sports enthusiasts. For these marine mavens, there is simply nothing else that comes close to providing the satisfaction of owning and operating a well-maintained watercraft. Read More

Keep Your Boat Safe with Secure Long Term Marina Berths in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a safe place to keep your boat in Melbourne, look no further than Savages Wharf Club. We offer secure marina berths in Melbourne, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your vessel is always safe. Whether you are a long time boating enthusiast or a first-time owner, we will make sure you are well taken care of at Savages Wharf Club. Read More

More Than Just a Secure, Long Term Yacht Berth: Melbourne’s Savages Wharf Club Provides Easy Access to Boat Services and Maintenance

If you own a yacht, it’s probably one of your most prized possessions. A beautiful boat is a status symbol, an adventure vessel, and a second home—all in one. It’s also susceptible to the wear and tear that comes from being on the water for long periods of time. When you choose your yacht berth in Melbourne, it’s smart to think about long-term maintenance plans. You at least want to have repair and upkeep services accessible to you, should you need them. Read More

Savages Wharf Club: A Convenient, Secure Boat Mooring Marina for Melbourne Boat Owners

Are you looking for a boat mooring in the Melbourne area? Savages Wharf Club offers location convenience, beautiful marina berths and plentiful services and amenities. Our marina is fully serviced and fully secured, to provide the care and protection your boat deserves. Whether you need to store a large yacht, a medium sized sailboat or a small powerboat, we can offer a suitable solution. Read More

Top Tier Boat and Yacht Antifouling Services Available in Melbourne

If you’re like most boat owners in Melbourne, you want to make good use of your vessel whenever you possibly can. As a result, your boat probably spends a significant amount of time in the water, which means it often encounters the substances that water contains. Over time, those substances can collect on the underside of your watercraft, in a process known as fouling. Fouling can eventually make your hull filthy and impact your ability to operate the vessel, which is why many boat and yacht owners in seek out antifouling solutions in Melbourne. Read More

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