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    Savages Wharf is a century old family owned and operated wharf in Williamstown, providing the owners of powerboats and yachts with a one-stop, professional and personal service that enhances the joy that comes with owning a boat.

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    Yard services provided by Savages Wharf include: Waterblasting, Dry sand & Antifoul, Polishing & Painting, Shipwrighting, Mechanical, General Maintenance Programs.

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Are You Looking for Boat or Yacht Servicing and Mooring Service in the Melbourne Area?

The boating community in Melbourne is more than just a small group of hobbyists. For many Aussies living on the coast, boats and yacht clubs are a lifestyle. Generations of Melbourne residents have enjoyed the thrills of cruising on the open waters, whether they are avid fishers, pleasure cruisers, or nautical sports enthusiasts. For these marine mavens, there is simply nothing else that comes close to providing the satisfaction of owning and operating a well-maintained watercraft. If you belong to this elite community, you’re probably interested in making sure that your boat is in excellent condition always. For that reason, you might want to consider finding a comprehensive boat mooring service in Melbourne.

Servicing Boats in Melbourne: A Quick Guide

The right mooring service in Melbourne can provide you with much more than just a physical space in which to keep your boat or yacht when you are not using it. The area’s most prestigious examples also offer a range of boat and yacht servicing options so that Melbourne sailors can maintain their crafts conveniently. Yacht and boat servicing can include anything from polishing and painting to waterblasting, antifouling, and mechanical repairs. The key is to find an established company that can provide you with a range of options.
When you are searching for a boat mooring service that also includes the equipment and personnel required for servicing boats in Melbourne, it is beneficial to look for one that is transparent about their rates. After all, you want a first-class service, but you’re also entitled to know how much you’ll be paying for it. Be sure to look for a marina that can provide you with quotes for their servicing up front, so that you can budget for your maintenance. A company that makes their rates available from the front end is one that demonstrates a commitment to your experience.

Find the Help You Need at Savages Wharf

The first boat mooring service in Melbourne you should consider is Savages Wharf, a Melbourne area establishment for over 100 years. Our considerable history with the area and our impressive track record with all kinds of watercraft make us one of the most versatile and in-depth resources for boat and yacht servicing in all of Melbourne. We can perform routine tasks like water-blasting and dry sanding, but also offer advanced antifouling solutions, mechanical repairs, and an extensive spectrum of general maintenance options.
Keeping your boat moored in a secure location is essential, but you’ll feel even better if that place gives you access to some of the most advanced service options in all of Melbourne. Find the support you need to ensure that your vessel is always in peak condition when you decide to moor it at Savages Wharf and contact us for additional details. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have so that you can make an informed decision about how to care for your boat or yacht.

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