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    Savages Wharf is a century old family owned and operated wharf in Williamstown, providing the owners of powerboats and yachts with a one-stop, professional and personal service that enhances the joy that comes with owning a boat.

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  • Onsite Specialists

    Yard services provided by Savages Wharf include: Waterblasting, Dry sand & Antifoul, Polishing & Painting, Shipwrighting, Mechanical, General Maintenance Programs.

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Savages Wharf is the latest chapter in the Savage family’s century long maritime tale. Established in Victoria in 1898, JJ Savage & Sons established themselves as one of the largest and most respected names for all marine craft in the entire Asian Pacific.

Once the boat manufacturing business was sold at the turn of the century, John Savage created Savages Wharf, continuing the family legacy and servicing marine craft of all sizes with expert craftsmanship, experience and passion. The Savage name, so synonymous with Australian boating was beginning a new era.

Our state of the art facilities take care of all your boating needs, no job too big or small.

Your boat will be looked after and nothing will be left to chance.

Located in the beautiful and historic Williamstown, Savages Wharf sits opposite a family park on the water’s edge, across a pristine beach and surrounded by the finest fashion shopping in all of Melbourne.

We’re more than boating craftsmen, it’s in the blood.

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